Traditional Games of Korea

Korean traditional games are a great way to spend time with friends and family. Most involve hand-to-hand movement and most are based on the four seasons. Gonggi, which is also known as gonggitdol in Korean, originated in Pukchong, Hamgyeongnam-do. The game is rooted in the belief that lions are good luck and bring peace. It is played with a wooden board called a malpan, and is played with four stones called mal.

In jegichagi, the goal is to keep a shuttlecock – a paper-wrapped coin – in the air for the longest time. This game is still played today, but it has changed a bit. Instead of using real chess pieces, modern kkeokgi stones are made from plastic. Whether you’re playing this classic or trying to improve your acrobatics, you’ll have a great time with these games.

Another traditional Korean game is called juldarigi. It’s similar to the western game of tug of war, but it’s not as easy to learn. Unlike chess or checkers, juldarigi can be played alone or with friends. Players use two large rice-straw ropes, called jegi, to pull the ropes. The winner of the game is the player with the most kicks.

Paengichigi is a popular game that requires a wooden top and involves a number of players. Typically, it’s a male-dominated game, but it has been played by both sexes. For example, in a traditional version of the game, two players try to knock the top of their opponent’s tombstone out of the designated space. It’s a fun and exciting way to spend a sunny afternoon or evening. 홀덤

A game of chinese origins, the Korean version of “jacks” is similar to a Western see-saw. The goal of the game is to throw the colored stones at the other person while stepping off the side. However, the game has evolved into a more elaborate sport, with each player standing on a side of a giant log. This is a traditional Korean game of Korean folklore.

The first Korean game of Korea, yut, is a popular game of two-player games. A yut set consists of eight wooden sticks with four sides, one for each team. Each player has a wooden stick with which they spin the hoop. The arrows are usually 15cm in diameter and are often rubber tipped. The winner is determined by how many arrows are in the pot and how many of them are on the top.

The juldarigi game is a traditional game of Korean folklore. It uses two huge rice-straw ropes to pull the yut. Each team represents the West and East side of the village, and the yut falls from a central peg. The winner is the first to reach their goal. While tangsuyug was once exclusive, it is now available for purchase and play in historical places.