Online Slots Strategy

Have you ever wondered if winning at online casino slots was possible? Is there actually a system that will allow me to maximize my chance of hitting the big one or at least making money?
The answer to both of the questions above is YES!

Of course, winning while playing slots online is possible, in fact, the odds of winning while playing online are much better than in a land-based casino. The trick is to quit while you’re ahead rather than playing it all back.

Playing slots on the internet needs a very strict plan of action, it’s far to easy to lose all your money back because you have already purchased in the form of “credits”, credits just like credit cards make people spend more! Have you ever gone out shopping and made a larger purchase then you should have because you had that credit card in your wallet or purse? Same thing goes for slots at online casinos, credits are easy to spend so you must be very disciplined and remember those credits are as good as cash!

Now is there actually a system for winning slots online? You Bet

Here is what works for me time and time again. Make your deposit and head for the “Video Slots”, starting with the first video slot machine play 5 spins at whatever domination you have decided, keeping in mind you have to play this system with equal dominations for it to work!

Now, play all the way through the video slots including the progressive video slot machines, then go to the 5-line slots and take 5 spins at Break the Bank, now you’ve completed phase one. You have now nicely increased your bankroll or are slightly down, I’m willing to bet you will have considerably increased your bankroll.

If your bankroll has increased, go back to the video slots and play every machine that You Did Not receive the bonus round and play it till you do, once completed cash out, you’ve just increased your bankroll by at least 5 times! Congratulations.

If after the first go around you were down a few dollars, play the second round like the first, then follow step two.

It is as easy as that folks, just remember Discipline. And if you want more information, take a look at and become a slot machines expert!

Beginner’s Blackjack Tips

Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of blackjack or you’re a seasoned player used to tipping others and looking for a new way to win in the odds, there a probably a few things you’re not doing to maximise your chances of success.

In this article, we’ve outlined some of the key concepts you’ll need to become a profitable blackjack player. While the advice is primarily aimed at novice players, the information presented is valuable for players of all experience levels.

Look at the dealer: When you’re playing blackjack it’s important to look at the card the dealer is showing in order to plan your next move. The reason for doing this is that you need to know how strong or weak the dealer is in order to know the best move to make with your own hand. A dealer is described as weak if their face card is a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. The reason for this is that they will need to draw at least one more card from the deck in order to fulfill their requirement of drawing to at least 17. Thus, when this is the case you can stand on tricky totals and put the pressure on the dealer simply by focusing on their card.

Look at the Sides: In addition to using the dealer’s card as a guide to your own moves, you should also look at the other cards that have been dealt. By knowing which cards have been dealt you’ll have a better idea of whether or not a card you require has been given to someone else. Indeed, if you require a ten but can see that there are six tens on the table, then it’s likely the card you draw won’t be one you need. Thus, if you want to make better decisions at the blackjack table you need to remember to look to the side.

Consider the Cost: Every move you make at the blackjack table should be done within the confines of your bankroll. You should never bet more than you can afford to lose any gambling situation and blackjack is no different.

If you can stick to the guidelines outlined in this article you’ll be well on your way to becoming a much more profitable blackjack player.

Online Gambling Advice

Whenever you walk into a casino, be it a land-based or an online one, one thing has to be clear for you: the expected value you’re facing is a negative one. In order to understand what this is about, first, you need to grasp the concept of mathematical expectation, also known as expected value or EV.

The best way to illustrate the EV at work is an example. Let’s say you and I both bet $1 on a coin-flip. The likely outcome of a coin-flip is 50-50, which means, on average I’ll win once every two flips. Again, the word to focus on here is ‘on average’, because it can well happen that I lose or win 10 flips in a row, but after a very large number of flips, if you add things up, the result will be a 50-50 distribution of wins, so basically none of us shall win anything. Therefore, the expected value on an even bet on a coin-flip is zero.

Now then, let’s say we agree that I bet $1 against your $2 on the coin flip every time. This changes the whole situation. Because I win once in every two bets, that means I lose $1 on the first one and win $2 on the second one. That is a clear profit of $1 after every couple of bets. Divide that by the number of bets (2) and you get the mathematical expectation/every single bet we play, which is +0.5 for me and -0.5 for you. Now all I have to do is make sure that we play as many bets/hour as possible, in order to maximize my hourly rate.

This is exactly the kind of treatment you get in a casino. You play with negative EV, albeit the negative EV will be much smaller for you in most casino games. This brings us to the house edge. If I were the house in the above example, the house edge would be 25%, because, on every $2 bet that you made, you’d get $1.5 back. If the house advertises a 1% house edge on blackjack, you’ll know that you’ll get 99 cents back on every $1 bet that you make.

Why do people play in casinos at all if they know they’re going to lose? – you may ask. There’s a thing called variance that keeps gamblers on the edge of their seats. You see, even though you know you’re going to lose X amount of dollars on the roulette, with every spin you get the chance to bring the house down. On top of that, variance says there’s nothing to prevent you from stringing together some quite incredible winning streaks, so variance does indeed induce a huge luck element into the game. That is what compulsive gamblers crave, and that is the driving force behind the whole industry.

Now that you know what the house edge is, let’s take a look at the payout rate. If you walk into a casino you’ll probably see that the payout rate is displayed on slot and video poker machines. In the case of these games, the payout rate is usually somewhere between 95-98%. The payout rate is the opposite of the house edge. The house cannot tape it onto a slot machine that ‘we’ll take 2 cents of every dollar you play here’, instead it’ll say ‘we give you 98 cents back on every dollar you play’. That’s the payout rate.

Another concept you have to be familiar with is the house drop. You’ve probably heard, that on blackjack, for instance, the house edge is a mere 1%, the house drop, however, can be as big as 15%. The 15% profit is what the house really counts on for revenue, as most of their players will play with a less than optimal strategy, they’ll go on tilt, they’ll spend too much time at the table, etc.